We would love to publish your horror stories on this site.

What would we post?

  • flash fiction
  • sketch stories
  • short stories
  • poetry
  • probably anything else (give us a try)...

In what genre?

Well, horror... but that could be:
  • urban legends
  • true experiences
  • religious themed
  • monster themed
  • with a sci-fi angle
  • historical
  • thriller-killer
  • you write it, we will probably put it on the site!


Whatever you send in to us, please make sure that you have written it yourself, and that you own the copyright to the work.
In fact, please include the copyright statement you would like displayed alongside your story.
You will always maintain full rights to your own work.
By submitting a story to this site, you have given us permission to post it in our blog, and that is all.

How do I Submit?

  1. Put the work in a format that is easy to extract. A simple text file is the best, or simply in the body of an email.
  2. Email the work to:
  3. Include as many links and details about yourself as you like (so anyone reading can find your facebook page, or twitter account etc.)