The Little Sight

"There was an itch in the corner of my eye; not a physical pain, but a need to draw my gaze in that direction. And when I paid attention to this need, I began to see the cracks that marred the walls of Gaol; fractures in the illusion that surrounds us all. And not only sights, but sounds as well, and to a lesser extent the other senses. But mainly sight, as our eyes are both the lock and the key to our humanity." 
Collette Bower - The Tellurian Artifice

The horrors of the world are there, just behind the veil of our 'real' lives. Everyone who reads horror novels, or watches horror films knows this, even if it is only a dark inkling, tickling away at the base of their skull. The thrill of a horror story lies in the unspoken desire that sits at the heart of us all; the desire to look into the darkness and perceive the truth that it hides, whatever the cost.

The most terrifying and unsettling stories are the ones that could be true; the urban myths that might have happened, the serial killers that we know exist. Even the realm of the supernatural is within the bounds of everyday experience.

And behind it all the promise of the revealed truth. The answers to all our big questions about life, death, faith and family lie at the heart if this most dark of genres. The readers and writers of horror are not mere schlock pedallers and gore mongers.

No... they are askers of questions and seekers of answers, They are the wanderers in the mist, gathering the survivors of a trapped and lost species in order to free them from the shackles of doubt and the lies that keep us mired in mundanity.

The Little Sight is a phrase used in Collette Bowyer's gnostic revelation: The Tellurian Artifice. It refers to the first time you notice something out of the ordinary; that single moment when most of us rationalise and persuade ourselves that it was nothing out of the ordinary at all. And when that moment has passed, it is impossible to get back, and we lose the chance to peak behind the Wizard's curtain, to see beyond the illusion of our everyday reality.